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Our services

  the services we offer

General hygiene and sterilization

Offers a full range of cleaning and sanitizing services to eliminate bacteria and microbes, designed to protect you and improve the appearance of your establishment.

Insect and pest control

Insects and pests of all kinds are eliminated according to the appropriate and authorized tools and to ensure that they do not re-exist.

Central air conditioner cleanliness

Provides a full range of air conditioning cleaning services on a regular basis in order to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Operating and Maintenance

We specialize in the fields of maintenance and we provide immediate services of high quality with attention to the smallest details.

Garden landscaping and maintenance

A highly experienced team in landscaping, trees and greenery in public places, parks, homes, villas and palaces with the best efficiency.

Cleanliness of tankers and equipment

The mobile car wash service offers you a complete and comprehensive cleaning internally and externally to save you time and effort and with the best quality.