Our Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO) is considered the best among the companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in providing a service to combat all kinds of insects and rodents such as (cockroaches, ants, mice, bed bugs), and we have safe and authorized pesticides from the competent authorities.

Insect and pest control

bed bugs

Bed bugs feed on blood and leave traces of bites on the skin, which immediately causes an allergic reaction and can leave sores on the skin.

In our Saudi

Marabena for Contracting (SMACO), we can get rid of them, which do the following:

Bedding is checked and if the insect has penetrated into the mattress and laid eggs, and if there are some insects and they were discovered at the beginning.

The sterilization process begins. Steam is used at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius to kill insects that may have entered the beds.

After that, the furnishings on the beds are disposed of and boiled well to ensure the removal of insects.

The room is searched for cracks and sprayed or fumigated and closed with white cement.

The wood in the room is sprayed with safe pesticides to ensure that the insect does not return again.

The White Termite

Termites are insects similar to black or red ants found in homes, but they differ slightly, which is that there is no waist in ants, it consists of the head and abdomen directly connected to it.

And when termites are present in homes or cracks, they are eliminated from the ground up if they are not secured when they are built by spraying chemicals that protect against that insect.

We in our Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO) guarantee you to get rid of this insect permanently with the latest methods and without any harm or side effects to protect you, your family and your organization.


The gecko, which belongs to the lizard family, is considered one of the annoying guests in the house due to its revolting appearance and causing a feeling of inconvenience and horror for children and causing spoiling food when walking on it.

It also transmits a lot of harmful microbes and bacteria, in addition, it causes an unpleasant smell in the house if an egg is placed in one of the corners.

And to make sure that it does not exist, care must be taken to clean the garbage area in the house and dispose of the garbage on a daily basis.

Cockroaches and crawling insects are the preferred food for geckos, and therefore care must be taken to avoid them by closing the outlets in the house well, and emphasizing that the drains are covered.

We are our Saudi Marabena Contracting for (SMACO), we will help you get rid of these crawling insects in the best way and the latest safe tools and make sure that they do not exist again.

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