Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO) which is the owner of the registered trademark in the Kingdom to provide its services was established in 2001 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah.

We are present in the Kingdom with our various activities, generally classified under operation, maintenance, hygiene, sterilization, pest and insect control, landscaping, cleaning tankers and equipment, as we meet all the needs specified by the client related to the same activity.

Our work record is characterized by our attention to minute details and the ability to develop a special plan by a group of experienced and high-quality technicians designed and implemented according to the client’s needs.





Providing regular labor cadres and qualifying them for the Saudi labor market.

For Contracting with complexes, commercial companies and hospitals.

Providing the most skilled technical workers of different nationalities.

Offering assistance

We offer you help and advice as we have a full team of professional specialists in all fields available and we offer the best prices to all customers.

time saving

We save you time and effort as we accurately implement your project through our distinguished cadres.

Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO)

Since the establishment of Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO), it has set itself a goal and a plan, which is quality and perfection in work, while adhering to the specified schedule and maintaining the appropriate price, and it has been able, to gain the trust of its customers.


Our Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO) has reached the highest level of target customer satisfaction.
Through: Improving the quality of services provided to them and the mechanism for obtaining them using the best professional practices and applying international standards.


To be our Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO) the leader in manpower solutions and management in all our different fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in line with our Islamic values, and with Vision 2030.


Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO) aims to enhance values with customers who benefit from its services in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Among the most important target values of our Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO):
Credibility with our clients.

Building a distinguished and long-term relationship with customers, which makes our Saudi Marabena for Contracting (SMACO) the first choice for the customer.

Establishing a culture of respect for the rights of the worker and the employer in accordance with the teachings of our religion and Arab culture.

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General hygiene and sterilization
Insect and pest control
Central air conditioner cleanliness
Operating and Maintenance
Garden landscaping and maintenance
Cleanliness of tankers and equipment
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