Cleanliness of tankers and equipment

Whatever the type of your car, it always needs care, and here we are not talking about the maintenance of the engine or the interior parts, but the exterior structure of the car and the interior cabin also needs to be taken care of always to maintain its quality for as long as possible, as periodic cleaning works to preserve the car from rust, It also preserves the car’s exterior paint.

You may not find enough time to do this or wait at the car wash stations, where Saudi marabena for Contracting (SMACO) offers you a mobile car wash service to save this time and effort.

Your car will be completely and comprehensively cleaned, both internally and externally, by using the latest tools, removing oils, fats and dust from surfaces, and removing unpleasant odors and bacteria as well.

Now your car will be completely cleaned, a comprehensive anti-bacterial cleaning by suction and cleaning the brushes, carpets and interior surfaces of the car, with the windows will give your car a long-term cleanliness.

Our Saudi marabena for Contracting (SMACO) provides a fast and distinguished service, and we are among the pioneers in this field due to our experience, and car cleaning services.

To request the service, please call the unified number
Saudi marabena for Contracting (SMACO)